How This Portal Works!

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Tips for User

It's very important to know how can the user get benefited with this portal. Well! here we have some important step by step tips for user how we work and help to user for giving huge traffic to the website.

Step-1: Register your website

Firstly user needs to submit his/her Personal / Professional Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Google Plus Page or YouTube Channel on which user needs to get traffic. Submit Your Page

Step-2: Collect Coins for your Campaign

User needs to collect coins to run the campaign. Coin is one of the personal currencies which can be reuse with us. User needs to spend coins for keeping live the campaign, Coins will deduct from the available coins and distributed to other users who will be the part of your campaign to get shares, likes, tweets, followers and website traffic etc. User can get free coins Collect Coins (FREE) or Buy Coins

Step-3: Check Profile for Result

User needs to check his/her profile how many activity is live, how much likes, shares, tweets, followers and traffic get for his/her particular URL submitted for the campaign. Go to Profile