Why Meta Tag Generator is most Important:

When Search engines mapping the website, Meta title and Meta Description plays an essential role. It’s very important that your title and description should not exceeds the maximum characters. If the title and description exceeds the limit then definitely it will broke, which is not good for your website. You can use our tool to count your Meta tile and Description.

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Meta tags are very important for a website to get more success. In meta there are basically three main component for to create a html meta description. The main threes are known as “Meta Title” “Meta Keywords” and “Meta Description”. These three main component should be place in a proper manner otherwise Google and other search engines could not recognize the website and in a result the website will go down. Every website / blog owner should optimize the site with Meta tags submitting to search engines. To make the job easy for user we @ GrowUpTraffic made it easy for you. We did develop a simple tool “Meta Tag Generator” so that user can easily do it just putting some basic things.

Meta Title:

When putting a title its must important as Google and other search engines are reading the title and place the website ranking accordingly. Secondly, title should be short and worthy it means title should not be more than 10 words and 65 characters. Third point should take into consideration every particular page have a unique page title. Fourthly the primary keywords should be in the starting of the title. You must aware that page title should define your website.

Meta Description:

Many search engines taken into consideration when they come through the website. So, good Meta description can improve your page visibility. Each page has different meta description of own. Description should not more than 150 characters as lengthy meta description may be effect in page ranking. It should be meaningful and should supportive to the title tag.

Meta Keywords:

Keywords are not much important as some of the search engines are not reading the keywords but it will help visitors to recognize the site through keywords. Choose those keywords for your website which is most relevant to your website content. Most of the people used huge number of keywords for their website / blog. We suggest rather than putting quantity of keywords put only quality keywords which will definitely give success for your website. You can find most valuable keywords for your website from Google Keyword Tool.

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